Our Pre School

Welcome to SNSPS Pre School

The Pre School building is new and fresh, adapted to provide a fascinating and stimulating environment for our Nursery setting whilst capturing and enhancing some of its original architectural features.
The building lends its self to a place of learning. It provides a bright and captivating environment for young children to thrive in. A diverse and stimulating outdoor area surrounds the building.
Each of the classrooms have been carefully designed to provide an enabling environment that is age specific, stimulating and allows the child to feel safe enough to explore.

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Learn with trained teachers of SNSPS Ladwa

We have the trained teachers who educate with a sole aim to provide all what it takes for a better future of your kids. To ensure the quality of teachers at our schools we undergo a very rigorous process of selection in which we try to understand the personality and behaviour of the teacher in a whole. We have a process of analysing capabilities and behaviours of people whom we recruit so as to ascertain that they will be able to handle toddlers in a very efficient way. While recruiting a teacher or any other member of the team, we take into consideration lot many criterions as these staff will be dealing with kids of very tender age coming from different strata of society and having very different behaviours.

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An advantage of Pre School

Especially when compared with nanny care, home daycare, and relative care it is always beneficial to admit your child in a pre school because he will also learn from activities rather then just spending a day somewhere. Your child may miss her favorite teacher, but when there is a replacement of her favourite teacher with other one trained to handle kids smile is retained on face of kids .

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Our Experience in Pre School

We have a passion for excellence and innovation in preschool education. At The SNSPS Pre School, we have over 25 years collective experience in establishing nurseries tailored to the individual needs, talents, abilities and interests of each child.
We hold a fundamental belief about the importance of education and its ability to nurture the development of intelligence through a unique curriculum encompassing music, the arts, science, technology, literacy, numeracy and physical exploration..

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We believe in the development of an individual curriculum for each child based on the child’s needs, talents, abilities, and interests.
Needs include safety, security, nourishment, relationships of trust, praise and encouragement, respect and stimulation of curiosity.
Talents are innate skills with which a child is born.
Abilities are skills that a child acquires through their own exploration of their environment, through problem solving, through learning by instruction from adults or other children.
Interests are areas in which a child demonstrates focus through choice for prolonged periods.

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